About Us

Founded 2003, the core interest of company's founders was in knowledge building and development, and they have combined their skills in content development, programming and multimedia designing into the creation of the company. To date, they have developed various learning solutions and e-content for their list of clienteles.

Content Capital (CC) has developed systems, content and training as we continuously strive to harness the best tools to deliver optimal learning experience. The foundation of CC’s dedication in building knowledge is rooted in its aspiration to create , enhance and reinforce teaching and learning experiences in both the national and international scene.

The strength of CC’s solutions lies within our strong theoretical and practical understanding of the andragody and pedagody principles. CC’s strong foundation in the teaching and learning theories allow CC to understand the specific need of each client, facilitating the tailoring of solutions that solves the unique issues or problems faced by the client.

Our Vision

To be a preferred conventional and digital knowledge enabler in the country

Our Mission

To provide our customers with knowledge centric solutions to gain a higher return on investment and secure a presence of excellence

It may take 2 to tango, but it takes the power of 3 to expedite growth exponentially. In the pedagogy field, their persistence, passion and tenacity to advocate e-Learning has been heard and acknowledged.

Since inception, the 3 founding directors have put their heads together to design, develop and deploy effective and efficient modes of content delivery. Humbled but experts in their individual fields of training, their combined years of experience brings to Content Capital international e-Learning best practices;

After a decade and some, Content Capital has developed a strong following and commitment amongst peers and clientele that is equally enhanced by a list of products and services delivered, unrivalled and unique.

Dr Azma Abd Hamid
CEO / Learning Strategist

With more than 20 years experience in education, Dr Azma is an advocate of e-Learning. Her teaching experiences included stints in the USA, Mexico and Malaysia. Focusing on developing teaching skills among teachers, she continually searches for effective and efficient modes of content delivery, which had led her path to e-learning initiatives. It has since been her passion to promote e-learning in all sectors.

Her dedicated involvement in e-learning additionally, allows her not only to implement solutions to improve teaching and learning processes but also enables her to apply the knowledge of e-learning to plan with industry clients especially on the area of e-content deployment.

Wan Adli Wan Hassan
Director / Technical

A true embodiment of a think tank, the man is a maze of ingenuity who carries more than a decade of experience in implementing e-learning and web-based solutions to various government agencies and multinationals. He is often humbled, yet remains an expert in his field with in-depth knowledge of international e-learning standards and specifications namely AICC, IMS, IEEE, and SCORM. Wan Adli also has a strong foundation in human-computer interaction, customer experience, and information architecture design.

Arif Rafhan Othman
Director / Creative

Arif is a Creative consultant in the e-Learning content development. He had been involved in various multimedia development projects ever since he stepped out of his graduation gown. His quirky mind dabbles in every possible creative nooks and cracks that come his way, and he has that special touch in developing customized content for e-Learning modules. Between work and play; his continuous exposure and discovery to a myriad of creative experiences and often non-limiting revelation to the creative realm, has enabled Arif to capture the latest, the fad, and the vogue in the industry. Apparently, his learning also included the five elements of multimedia, which includes music composition, video making, and photography – always a good thing in e-content deployment.

A company is only as good as the workforce it possesses. We have been blessed with the amount of talents that make up the core of our work engine. The core team within the company comprises of:

  • Instructional designers
  • Creative & multimedia developers
  • Application & software developers
  • Quality assurance
  • Project management office

On top of the core team, we also engage with the academia to provide us with experts in

  • Education psychology
  • Psychometric

The execution approach is critical as we help your business make that leap forward. All our solutions are built using our delivery approach, ADAM – Analyze, Design, Apply, and Measure. It provides a systematic approach towards a valuable, quality solution; while remaining flexible enough to cater to real-world variances.

For each of our solutions, we have dedicated and proven processes that leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering a thorough and effective solution.

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Our processes are commonly geared towards:

  • Focusing on end-user needs and requirements.
  • Reiteratively ensure that immediate goals are met while working towards high-level goals.
  • Protecting your investment by deploying industry standard, and largely reusable solutions.

Our customer-centric and innovative solutions translate technological investments into real business value by deeply understanding your business and focusing on your objectives – be it better customer relationships, enhanced performance for your systems, education through e-learning, or simply, to provide the best experience possible for your customers.

By leveraging on our solutions in the areas of customer experience, information management, knowledge engineering, and content development, you can:

Achieve an ROI from your technology investments

Your business model forms the basis of your technology investment decisions. To ensure you reap returns from your technology investment, our business architecture experts will guide you towards making an informed technology investment decision.

Bring customer satisfaction to new highs – resulting in increased revenue and long-term customer loyalty

Customers are the reason for your existence. Long-term loyalty is developed through the provision of the best possible experience.

Our practice culture is structured to deliver only quality solutions to you. It consists of three main components – Business, Customer Experience, and Technology:


This component ensures that our technology solutions make business sense and relates to achieving your objectives. It is achieved through environmental analysis of market trends and competition, to GAP analysis of your capabilities and options.


Our depth of domain knowledge in each area of practice provides us with the capability of accurately mapping your business requirements to the appropriate technology solution, ensuring a best-fit situation at all times.

Customer Experience

The best business strategies combined with the right technology mix is inconsequential if the final product is not usable. The successful marriage of technology and the user is achieved by focusing on usability and the overall customer experience. This guarantees that our solutions will ultimately be put to good use within your organization.

Our customers choose to work with us because we deliver. By adopting best practices and industry standard processes, our solutions provide greater value at a lower total cost of ownership, allowing companies to better focus on developing and managing their relationships with customers, partners, and employees – the key fundamentals that are essential to a company’s growth and performance.


The company is on a mission to propel to the next level by enhancing its stable of products and services. Therefore, we are inviting candidates who wish to be part of our vibrant team in growing together in terms of knowledge and wealth. We are not just looking for suitable employees but also potential partner-in-training.

We are looking for ...

Front End Developer

  • To build Rich Internet Application (RIA) using HTML5/Javascript
  • Work with the back end programming team to create data driven RIA
  • Must be familliar with jQuery AND jQuery UI
  • Must be able to work with minimal supervision.
  • Must be resourceful in finding ways to come up with a solution to a problem.
  • Good analytical skills

Instructional Designer

  • To design and repurpose text based content for use in multimedia courseware
  • Must be able to present content in a creative and engaging manner
  • To work closely with the multimedia development team
  • Teaching experience is an added advantage
  • Must be knowledgeable in a few teaching/learning theories such as Bloom's taxonomy, ARCS, Gagne's, etc
  • Strong command of the English language is a must

Interested candidate should email their resume to: hr@content-capital.com

Only the passionate need apply.

Contact Us

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Choosing and implementing a Learning Management Systems (LMS) goes beyond the IT boundary. Organisational culture, acceptance to change, and change management is also a key factor in ensuring a successful deployment of an LMS.

At Content Capital, we provide a holistic approach to your LMS needs.

Customer Need-Driven?

Our LMS solution is customer need-driven because we realize that a one-size fit all solution is not a dedicated service. We select and customise open-source LMS to tailor the system to its optimum performance only after the understanding of each individual client's requirement.


CC service exceed mere installation and commission sign-off of deliverables. CC experts will shadow the client during the implementation. Step-by-step guidance is offered until the client is comfortable using the system, hence, putting the rightful ‘driver' behind the ‘wheels' before leaving the client independently driving the system.

Open Source

  • we advocate open source solutions.
  • customers should not be held ransom by the vendors for the source code that they paid for in the first place
  • why pay more for licensing?
  • faster Return on Investment (ROI) and lower Total Cost-of-Ownership (TCO)

Transfer-of-Technology (TOT)

  • being in the learning industry, we believe in educating our customers
  • we transfer our know-how to customers so that they are able to be
  • independent in managing their system; hence reducing overall maintenance cost and achieve better ROI and lower TCO
  • a well informed and educated customers are happy customers; and we strive on returning happy customers

Change Management

  • the biggest obstacle to any IT implementation is the fear or reluctance to accept change by the stakeholders.
  • if not managed well, the IT investment is a potential white elephant
  • At CC, we have put in place a well formed change mangement programme to ensure acceptance at all level can be achieved in the shortest duration possible.


Accessible anywhere and anytime because it is web-based. Hence, for as long as the trainer and learner are connected and is online, the training can be conducted at the convenience of the parties involved.

Pivotal Learning Point

As a one-stop center for teaching and learning events, the LMS is easily the main source used for reference, documentation and data keeping/updating.

Hence, the availability of an LMS in any business or organization dealing with teaching and learning would increase efficiency in their deliverables.

To Organisation

  • Increases reach amongst learners, shrinking the limitations of time and space.
  • Increase efficiency, especially in record keeping and tracking of teaching and
  • learning performances/measurements.

To Trainers

  • Increases effectiveness of teaching activities with the improved reach ability
  • and frequency of contact.
  • Increases the availability of time to conduct other relevant activities such
  • as research.

To Learners

  • Encourages independent learning due to the flexibility of time and space.
  • Allow learners to learn at their own pace, lessening the burden of stress.

SCORM Compatible

  • Import SCORM content package via browser interface
  • Full SCORM 1.2 & 2004 support for publishing and viewing content
  • Content object tracking and monitoring based on SCORM 1.2 & 2004


  • Web based. Accessible anytime, anywhere as long as there is Internet connection.
  • Compatible with major browsers; Explorer (6,7,8,9), Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

System Administration

  • Flexible user registration; created by administrator, moderated, password protected or open)
  • Users can be managed via groups, roles or organisation hierarchy.
  • Password protection policy setting.
  • Ability to create sub-administrator with profiling system.
  • Role-based system permissioning.
  • Able to set what users can view, modify, create or delete based on assigned system roles.


  • E-mail integration and SMS.
  • Chat, wiki, forum, and file sharing.
  • Internal system messaging.


  • Competency mapping
  • Tag competency to courses
  • Competency report
  • Competency dashboard
  • Gap analysis


  • Student progress report in gradebook.
  • Customisable multilevel report
  • Statistical data; time elapsed, session count.
  • Course credit report.
  • Configurable report view.
  • Competency report.
  • Automatic report scheduling.
  • Export as MS Excel and PDF.


  • Question type includes multiple choice, true-false, multiple selection, and open ended.
  • Linking question to course content
  • est performance report and history
  • Poll survey and result display

Course Management

  • Course catalog and programme curricula management
  • Setting of course details and parameters
  • Manage learning path; content object sequencing and pre-requisites.
  • Content object library search engine
  • Flexible course subscription methods; automatic(based on role, group or organisation tree), assigned, request or open
  • Auto generate PDF certificates upon course completion.